CULINARY PIONEERS: A trip to meet Latinos across the islands of Hawaii

When Univision came to Kauai to do a documentary I was so shy, I almost didn’t do it. I said yes, then I said no…, then my brother Brian said, “Why? Just do um!” With him around there was nothing I wouldn’t do. I trusted him, and with him I always felt safe - my great protector. Today the directors at Univision notified me that the documentary got published! 3-26-23 It turned out to be an amazing gift to my family and also an amazing tribute to my brother🥰.


Welcome, My name is Sharleen Andrade Balmores. I am a 5th generation Rancher's Daughter (& 6th generation Rancher). Dedicated to providing providing PRIME Local Beef, while Preserving a Family Legacy of Ranching on Kaua'i. Since 1886