Approximately 25 Lbs. Including: Assorted Steaks + 10 Lbs. Steer Burger + 5 Lbs. Stew Meat

Not sure what cuts of beef to try?  Order our beef box for a variety of of our best cuts!  We will be sure to have at least 10 of our delicious steaks.

Everything Ono, and a little different every time you order, depending on availability that week. 

You may also request what cut you like and we will do our best to accommodate your request.  

Includes: 10 Lbs. Steer Burger - Portioned in 2 pound packs                                                                                  5 Lbs. Stew Meat - Portioned in 1 Lb. pound packs       
               Steaks!!  Chuck Steaks, Top Sirloin Steaks, Top Round Steaks.                                                               Could also include: Porterhouse Steaks, T-Bone Steaks, Ribeye Steaks, Skirt Steak, Hanger                     Steak, Picanha Steaks, Brisket, or other premium steaks, depending on availability. 

25 pound box of beef including:

  • 10 pounds Steer Burger
  • 5 pounds Stew Meat
  • 10 Steaks  - An assortment of steaks available like:  Top Sirloin Steaks, Chuck Steaks, Top Round Steaks - Depending on availably, may also include Rib-eye Steaks, New York Strip Steaks, Flank Steak, Hanger Steak
  • Variety of other family favorites like: Brisket, Short Ribs, Teriyaki Slices, Osso Buco, Tri-tip, Flat Iron, Flap Meat, etc.

USDA Inspected. Prime 100% Grass-fed and 100% Grass-finished. Angus X.  21-28 days Dry-Aged. 

Naturally bred, and raised completely free-range foraging on Kauai's pristine tropical grass pastures. 

Beef respectfully raised without any hormones, stimulants, antibiotics or GMO grains.

Ships Frozen, Vacuum Sealed, arrives frozen, partly frozen.  

Packed in cooler Bag with Ice packs. 

Shipped via Fed Ex. 

Total purchase with shipping for approved home delivery locations will be at the end of the order.