Homegrown Grass-fed Beef

About Us

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Welcome to Rancher’s Daughter’s Reserve, where we offer iconic flavors and old-fashioned steaks like nowhere else.

While trends may come and go, we believe that a great steak, accompanied by exceptional service, never goes out of style. We remain loyal to the traditional method of raising cattle for beef, rejecting shortcuts, and believing that caring for our animals and land produces quality meat that nurtures and sustains you.

As a fifth-generation Kaua’i born rancher’s daughter, Sharleen knows that people still crave the classic steakhouse experience. She stands by the belief that outstanding, high-quality beef comes from true professionals in the art of raising cattle, beef-aging experts, purveyors of beef, and in-house butchers who work together to create magic.

Our customers are nutrition-conscious with an exquisite palate, drawn to Rancher’s Daughter’s Reserve for substantially fresher beef than any store and offer an experience, and quality light years beyond what you could find in a restaurant.

For special occasions, holiday meals, or gifts for the man in your life, nothing satisfies like a juicy, succulent steak. After all, they say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach ;)

Whether it's for weekend cookouts with friends or to savor the island's flavors, our satisfying, succulent meats impress visitors and provide safe, healthy options for your family. You can feel confident knowing you're nourishing your loved ones with something truly nutritious and pure, packed with vitamins and nutrient density.

By supporting Rancher’s Daughter’s Reserve, you also support a small-town island ranch family that puts their community first. We cherish our ancestors' traditions and play a role in preserving a culture that would otherwise be lost.

Our mission is simple: to provide you with an unforgettable experience that brings you back to the heart of great steak and true craftsmanship. We are delighted to share our passion with you and look forward to serving you and your family the finest beef you've ever tasted.