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Hand-Poured Tallow Candles from Kaua'i Ranch

Indulge in tradition with our Tallow Candles, made from 100% Pasture-raised Cattle on our Kaua'i Ranch. Emitting a warm glow reminiscent of Great-Grandma Minnie's home, these long-burning, non-toxic candles are packaged in recycled Spanish glass jars, celebrating our Vaquero Roots with rustic charm.

Experience the warmth of tradition with our hand-poured Tallow Candles, crafted from 100% Pasture-raised Cattle from our Ranch on Kaua'i. Long-burning and non-toxic, these Candles emit the Brightest glow, reminiscent of Great-Grandma Minnie's cozy home. Packaged in recycled glass jars from Spain, they pay homage to our Vaquero Roots with Rustic Charm.



100% pasture raised tallow from Kaua'i cattle. Harvested and Rendered by the Rancher's Daughter. Fragrances and Essential Oils Noted on Jar Labels.